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Welcome to where you will find step by step tutorials
for those who want to get answers on how to do this or that.

The tutorials are created with the beginner in mind. They will be on software or techniques that I use so you will get MHO on what I think is best and why.  Of course you can experiment with other similar programs to finally end up with the programs you like best. 

There is always a better mouse trap so feel free to expand on or make better the techniques that I offer here.

Enjoy your stay and I hope you find something useful :)

So why did I start this site?

I started my web adventure around 1996 or so.  I remember how truly frustated I was with the little step by step help available. Today it is 100 times better because everyone is willing to share their step by step skills.

Not to mention the technology is getting better and better  with video, youtube, free blogs and the social networks.

In fact it is advancing faster than most of us can keep up.